Spiced Moroccan Lentil Eggplants Recipe

spiced moroccan lentil eggplants

This dish is a favourite at Eat Earthly, it serves 2-3 people, if your not a fan of eggplant we would recommend pairing the lentils with rice and greens instead. Let us know if you try this meal, tag us in your posts we would love to see.

Our Packaging

sustainable packaging meal kit

We aim to be as sustainable as possible in every area of Eat Earthly, we are aware of how wasteful meal-kit packaging can be, this is one of the main reasons Eat Earthly was started. Here’s some more information about the packing we use.

Tempeh Laksa Recipe

tempeh laksa recipe

If you’re a fan of Laska you will love this healthy recipe. If you don’t like tempeh simply swap with tofu.

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