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What is Eat Earthly?

Eat Earthly is a plant based meal-kit delivery service on a mission to highlight how nourishing, flavoursome and simple plant based cooking can be. Our recipes focus on wholefoods, no fake meat or GMO’s, just the basics. We believe in real food that nourishes our bodies.

We care about our planet, we won’t scare you with facts, we are sure you already know about the climate crisis we are in. Eat Earthly is committed to not contributing more to the problem. We focus on being as sustainable as possible, aiming to use minimal plastic packaging, buying our produce from local farmers and being 100% plant-based.

We eliminate household food waste by delivering exactly what you need for a delicious meal.

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Eat Earthly Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Melbourne

Why don't you say vegan?

Although we are 100% vegan, Eat Earthly is for everyone, you don’t have to be fully plant-based to enjoy our service.

We believe people can be 80% plant-based, discover the benefits in having just 2, 3 or even 4 plant-based meals a week, we believe we can all eat more plants.

Meet the Owner: Megan

Thank you all for supporting my small business so far! I’m Megan the owner of Eat Earthly.

I have been plant based for eight years and wish there was something like Eat Earthly back then. I love cooking and creating delicious recipes to share, whilst being as sustainable as possible.

Looking after the planet, animals and well-being are my main drivers, and I believe we can all make small changes to better ourselves, others and the world we all live in!

I started Eat Earthly not just for solely plant-based eaters but for everyone; for people starting their journey or just want to have two plant-based meals a week but don’t know where to start. Eat Earthly keeps it simple and makes it easy (and tasty) for those looking to eat plant based foods.

I’m incredible excited for this journey and to watch Eat Earthly and this community grow! Don’t forget to reach out via our socials below:

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